How to: Cleaning your makeup brushes

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Usually I clean my brushes once a week-every other week- depending on how much I have used them. Cleaning the brushes on regular basis is important not only for our skin, but also for making  the brushes last longer. I like to use a baby wash for cleaning the brushes, because it’s very delicate, but regular soap will do as well.

I squeeze a small amount of product on my hand and delicately “swirl” a wet brush  on my palm until light foam forms, and continue to do so until no more residue is left in the bristles, and when the water is clear. I use warm, but not hot water, and try to only get the brush head under water and not the handle.

baby soapbrush water brush wash brush swiwle Once the brush is clean I apply a tiny amount of hair conditioner on to the bristles (little conditioners that come with hair dye are great for that, I tend to never use them anyway), massage it onto bristles and rinse right off.  I only go in a downward direction when cleaning the brushes, never going “against” the bristles.  I don’t put conditioner in all of my brushes, usually I only do this for face brushes (foundation, blush, powder) or brushes that are hard to wash off (eyeliner or lip brushes).brush condition

For my beauty blenders and sponges, I put them under warm water and squeeze the excess out. Then I put small amount of the beauty blender cleanser on to the blender and very delicately roll the blender in my palms to form a lather, and just like with the brushes, I continue to do so until the water runs clear, I rinse the blender one more time, squeeze the excess and leave it to air dry. bauty blender cleanerbeuty blender<blender squezebeauty blender clean

So fresh and so clean ;)

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