The Sunshine Award

< The lovely and beautiful Sophie of soinspo nominated me for a Sunshine Award. I was very happy, specifically because this award is given to bloggers who are “positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. I used to be…

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Nail polishes of the moment

 For the last couple of weeks I’ve been loving dark nail polish colors like browns, purples, “burgundies” as well as more subtle and lighter colors like grays/nudes, flushed pinks and dusty purples.

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The smell of Winter

It’s been ages since I went to an actual Bath & Body Works store, I usually shop online, but on Sunday I noticed that there is a store right next to my local Trader Joe’s and decided to stop by…

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My favorite lipsticks for Fall

I just uploaded a new video on my youtube channel about my favorite lipsticks for Fall & Winter. This year I am really into reds and purples, which are colors that I usually stay away from, especially during this time…

View Post The Regimen

When my skin was at its worse few years ago and I was forced to go on birth control to stop my acne, I would spent hours at a time on forums. I would read reviews, others’ experiences with acne,…

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