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Easy pizza for one (or two)

Even though I love cooking with all my heart and love being in the kitchen, I don’t always have time or energy to cook just for myself. On those days when Mark gets home late from work and I have to have dinner alone, I usually make something quick that doesn’t require much time and/or effort. For some reason cooking for two is just much more fun  and rewarding :) One of my go-to meals on such days is home-made,…

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Milani Color Statement Lipsticks


I’ve been trying so many drugstore lipsticks lately, I’m running out of room to store them. The Milani Color Statement lipsticks are one of my current favorites. They are very creamy, highly pigmented and last a very long time. I bought these in five shades, all of which are perfect for this time of the year:  Sangria, Uptown Mauve, Ruby Valentine, Red Label and Nude Creme.…

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Robyn Lawley: Plus size or normal size?

So this morning I’m trying to figure out this whole new Google+/Youtube thing, and came across an article from Cosmopolitan magazine about Robyn Lawley, a “plus-size” model who came out with her very own swimwear collection earlier this year. Before I read that article I didn’t know who Robyn was, one thing I did know, after looking at her pictures, was the fact that in no way would I, personally, call her a “plus-size” model.…

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Benefit- They’re real!

I was so excited to try Benefit’s “they’re Real!” mascara, I actually already had a sample size- didn’t really like it and wanted to see if the real thing is any different. This mascara promises to deliver dramatic length and volume as well as base-to-tip curl and a visible lift. The end result/look is supposed to compare to wearing false eyelashes. All of that sounds so good, who wouldn’t be excited to try it?…

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Sunday morning #2

Sunday mornings are my favorite. They seem to be a little longer; we get to sleep in a little bit and get to enjoy a nice breakfast, sitting down at the table, unlike during week when most of the time I just grab a protein shake on my way out of the house.…

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