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Why I Love Getting Older: 7 Reasons Getting Older is Pretty Great

Why I Love Getting Older: 7 Reasons Getting Older is Pretty Great “I can’t die before learning French!” – me, five years ago, in a full-on panic mode, and going through a quarter-life crisis. Despite my panic, I didn’t actually miss being younger. I think that it was the number itself, that freaked me out a bit. More than the number 30, which would seem odd, if it wasn’t for the fact that by 30, I’d learned an important lesson…

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50 Things That Make Me Happy + What Are Yours?

List of 50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 Things That Make Me Happy + What Are Yours? It’s no secret that the last two, nearly three years of my life have been tough. I went through difficult, trying times. There were many “firsts” that I experienced during that time- most of which I wish I hadn’t. Being in a “rut” is definitely not as I’d describe it. More like “having the rug pulled from under your feet time and time AND TIME again.” Funny enough, those life-changing…

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How to Build Up Your Self-Esteem + Confidence

Building up your self-esteem and confidence #happiness #mindfulness #confidence

Fear of failure is one of those things that can leave you feeling paralyzed. It can be the one thing that stops you from going after what you want in life. There are times when you’re so afraid of failure that you decide not to try at all. Having stronger self-esteem and more confidence can help you overcome that fear. Take control of your self-esteem and confidence, and you can take control of that fear; you can take control of…

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7 Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself

How to Be Kinder to Yourself

Growing up, we were constantly told to be kind to others. To be polite, nice, and accepting. I don’t know about you, but I was never thought much about being kind to myself. There are so many different relationships you have in your life. Some are more complicated than others; some require some work while others feel effortless. Undoubtedly, one of the most important relationships in your life is one you have with yourself. So, how do you nourish it?…

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Overcoming Perfectionism: Ditch your desire to be perfect

Not. Good. Enough. If my life had a theme song, that would be the title. I’m not exactly sure where my desire for that constant perfection came from, but it was here, for as long as I can remember. Actually, I’m not entirely sure if it’s so much of a desire to be perfect, as it is a paralyzing fear of failure. It doesn’t matter if I’m cooking, cleaning, working, blogging, exercising- I’ve always felt the need for everything to…

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