20 Quick and Easy Blogging Tips

20 Quick and Easy Blogging Tips

Quick and Easy Blogging Tips

When it comes to running a blog, there is SO much more to it, than just writing or taking pretty pictures.

Even if it’s something that’s only a hobby, there is so much more going on behind the scenes than an average reader realizes.

This post isn’t directed at those who run their blog only as a fun hobby, though. If you’re not interested in growing your audience and creating a better experience for them, then this post isn’t for you.

And hey, that’s totally okay. Not everyone who starts a blog, dreams of monetizing it.

IF, however, expanding your audience and improving user-experience is something you’re interested in, then this post is for you.


Quick and Easy Blogging Tips


When visiting a new blog, one of the first thing people want to know, is who is the person behind it. I love addressing readers and other bloggers by their first name when commenting on other blogs or answering comments, so make sure that your name is clearly visible somewhere on your homepage.


Engagement is one those things that matters now more than ever when it comes to blogging. Sometimes it matters even more than your statistics. Make it easy for others to comment on your posts, do not make them jump through hoops! I switched to Disqus a few years ago, and I could not be happier. Not only is it easier for me to filter spam comments but it also makes commenting on other blogs (and answering comments) a breeze. People don’t want to have to log in through a WordPress reader, Twitter, and other platforms, just to leave a comment.

I personally can’t leave comments on blogs that still use Google+ (because I despise it) and always have trouble logging through Blogger platform, which discourages me from leaving comments- even if I really love a particular blog. Disqus is great because you don’t have to constantly log in and out of different platforms. I was also able to export and import all 3 years worth of comments when switching to Disqus, so if you’re worried about losing all your comments, you don’t have to. Point is, you have to make it easy for people to comment on your posts if you want to boost your engagement.


This is probably one of the most important of these quick and easy blogging tips. The most valuable thing a reader can give you is their email address. It is something that gives you direct access to your readers, without having to depend on places like Facebook or Twitter. With the ever-changing algorithms, you can no longer depend on social media to alert your readers when a new post goes up, when you have a new product launching, etc.

Once you have that email address you can reach out to your readers directly, without having to depend on places like Facebook. I use ConvertKit to manage my mailing list and I can’t recommend it enough. It allows you to create incentives, you can tag your subscribers, keep track of which incentives and forms work best, you can also very easily embed those forms on your blog.


Without my blog friends, my readers, this blogging journey… wouldn’t be a journey at all. Treat your audience with the same respect you treat your best friends. Always be transparent and honest with them. Don’t recommend products or services you don’t believe in or haven’t personally used. This will help you create a strong sense of community among your audience.


… over quantity- ALWAYS!


Regular readers already know why I never seem to shut up about Pinterest. No, you don’t have to be a DIY blogger to be successful on Pinterest, no you do not need a large following to drive a ton of traffic to your blog through Pinterest. You can browse through my archives or recent posts where I share how I get almost 7 million monthly views on my profile, to learn more about why you’re missing out if you’re not on Pinterest.


First impressions are everything, and like it or not, this also applies to your blog. A nice, bright image is often a deciding factor when it comes to people sharing or clicking on your posts.

You can browse through my Photography section to learn more. I suggest starting with Photography Tips for Bloggers. You can also grab 10 free stock photos to use for your blog when signing up for my newsletter (BTW, I have a new batch of these coming out very soon, so keep an eye out!).


Whether you’re thinking of starting a blog, monetizing your blog, starting an email list, trying something new; remember that just like with many things in life, there is no such thing as perfect timing. Truth is, nothing is ever perfect, so might as well start now.


Notice some of your posts get a lot of views? Maximize them! Add a free incentive to your post that will encourage new readers to sign up to your mailing list. Update links, images. I talk about it in more detail in this post.


Only a very small portion of your audience actually reads your posts, word by word. Make your posts easy to skim through, remember that blocks of text aren’t easy to read through. Make sure that your font isn’t too small. It only takes about 9 seconds for a visitor to decide if they’re interested in engaging in your content, so readability is something very important to focus on. You can learn more about writing better blog posts, right here.

Quick and Easy Blogging Tips


Okay, this is something that used to terrify me, if I’m being honest. I just always thought that networking is something I naturally suck at. There isn’t anyone in my life offline who I can talk all-things blogging. Without a doubt, one of the best things about blogging is being able to connect with other people. The blogging community is extremely supportive, so don’t be afraid to reach out to someone, to ask for help. Building strong relationships and supporting each other is something that can help you make blogging more enjoyable and fulfilling.


This is something that I do on regular basis: go through your older posts, add relevant links (linking to newer content), update your photos, add an email subscription form, Pinterest-friendly image containing text, add keywords, check for mistakes, add content upgrades. Updating some of that older content can be a nice way to drive some traffic to your blog. If you want to learn how to bring more traffic to your blog by updating old blog posts, check out this article.


If you can’t stand it when other websites display your precious content in their own frames, you can force your WordPress blog to break out of frames (like the Bloglovin’ frame). I actually get this question quite a lot: “how do you get your posts to redirect to your blog on Bloglovin’?” The answer is simple; I force my content to break out of frames.

This means that when someone clicks on my post on Bloglovin’, they will be automatically redirected to my blog. To do this, I use a very simple solution available in the pro-version of the Social Warfare plugin, which is also my favorite social-sharing plugin. You can also set this up yourself with JavaScript, this article will show you how. I did find that this doesn’t always work though.


With Social Warfare, breaking out of frames is very easy, all you have to do is go to the Advanced setting section, and switch the “Frame Buster” on. 


Evergreen content is like a foundation on which you should build your blog. It’s content that is always relevant, content that will continue to bring you traffic, long after it’s been published.

When your blog has a lot of evergreen content, you can count on a steady flow of traffic, even when your posting scheduling changes. I discussed this in more detail in this post (where you can also grab a free worksheet that will help you create more evergreen content for YOUR blog).


One of the best ways to become a better writer is to read more. Read books, magazines, other blogs. It’s also a great way to stay inspired and come up with new ideas and keep those creative juices flowing.


Keep a list of blog post ideas, so that when that writer’s block hits, you won’t feel stuck. Sometimes it’s those very small things that can make you feel inspired- such as having a conversation with a friend. This is why I keep a small notebook with me, where I always write down ideas, as soon as they come to me. If you’re anything like me and tend to be a bit forgetful, this is a great thing to practice. You can also find some ideas for a blog post right here.


This is especially important if you’re just starting your journey with blogging. It takes some time to find your blogging voice and grow confidence as a blogger. In the beginning, it’s easy to feel intimidated, but if there’s one thing you should avoid, it’s comparison. You don’t have to live in a bright, beautiful place and have a ton of expensive software and equipment in order to have a beautiful blog. It’s all about working with what you’ve got.


There are SO many different blogs I read on regular basis, and sometimes it’s unavoidable that a few of my favorite bloggers write about the same things. It can be the same product, the same topic, the same trend. One of the most amazing things about blogging though is that it’s a perfect place to use our unique voice and let our personalities shine through. Don’t be afraid to say things you want to say, never try to be someone you’re not, or feel that you need to do things a certain way, just because it’s the way someone else does it. Your uniqueness is one of the most precious things about you. You are unique and you have something very special to offer to this world, so don’t be afraid to use your own voice.

Web Hosting


Google is now prioritizing HTTPS websites, so if you want your blog to rank higher and haven’t switched to HTTPS, you need to make the change. This means that if you haven’t made the switch to HTTPS, you’re risking your blog being marked as “Not Secure” by Google. You can make the switch to SiteGround, to get a FREE SSL Certificate. Since SiteGround includes FREE SSL Certificate with their hosting, by making the switch, you will avoid costs additional to hosting your blog.

The important thing to remember here is that you will have to redirect all your links since when switching to HTTPS, you will be changing from http://www.yourblog.com to https://www.yourblog.com. I had Grayson from iMark Interactive handle my switch, since most of the time, I cannot be bothered with all the tech things behind my blog.


Once blogging starts to feel like a chore and you’re no longer having fun, it starts to show through your posts. Focus on things you are passionate about, things you like and enjoy doing, writing and talking about. This is something that I always say whenever someone asks me about the best advice I could give to someone who is new to blogging. Don’t let yourself get bored easily and don’t be afraid to try new, different things if that’s what you feel like doing!

I  love sharing blog tips with all of you guys, but there is something I always say in these posts: there is no right or wrong way to blog. These are some things to consider, but never listen, when someone tells you that “if you don’t do x then you can’t be a successful blogger.” I also realize that a lot of us blog just for fun and as a hobby. If that’s the case, and you don’t worry about growing your audience, then you don’t have to listen to anything I’ve said in this post. You do you. 

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