Mint, cucumber and lime infused water.

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I drink ridiculous amounts of water every day and always carry a bottle of water with me wherever I go. Swapping sugary juices and sodas for water will help you maintain a healthy balance of body fluids, flush out the waste and toxins out of your system and control your calorie intake. Infusing your water will make drinking it a lot more fun and tasty. Today, I have a cooling and refreshing idea for you guys: fresh mint, cucumber and lime infused water.

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Mint is a highly aromatic herb and it has been used for medicinal purposes for ages. I remember being little, whenever I had an upset stomach or got a cold, my grandma would make me drink a ton of mint tea. Every time I smell fresh mint now, I see myself sitting in my grandparents’ kitchen, drinking my tea, each sip making me feel nice and warm, while my grandma prepared her world-famous apple and cinnamon pancakes.

Mint is rich in antioxidants, it aids digestion and its smell alone can help fight depression and fatigue as it’s a natural stimulant. When mixed with water, mint leaves add an extremely refreshing flavor. Of course, if you happen to be allergic to mint, try to avoid it.

cucmber infused water recipe

Cucumbers are made up of water in 95%. Due to their mild diuretic property, cucumbers reduce cholesterol, control blood pressure and are amazing for your skin. To make this infused water I used organic cucumbers. Because I mostly use organic vegetables, I don’t have to worry about peeling them. If you don’t have or can’t find organic cucumbers, make sure you peel them before putting them in your water.

cucumber and mint water recipe

Another great thing about infused water is the fact that you can use as little, or as many ingredients as you wish. I used a whole bunch of mint leaves, one whole cucumber, one lime, about two cups of ice and two liters of filtered water. I mixed everything together and let it sit and “infuse” for some time in the fridge. It’s an absolute must-try during summer. It’s hydrating, cooling, refreshing and delicious.

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I have to say that I had so much fun taking these pictures, it was actually quite relaxing. As a blogger, photography is definitely one of the most important aspects of my work, and I can’t tell you how great it feels to have taken so many great shots that it was difficult to pick the ones that I wanted to publish.  Let me tell you that taking pictures in my yard was something else, natural light is definitely a way to go! Our precious, beautiful Sun, what would we do without it ;) .

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Enjoy your weekend everyone! <3

  • I’m defiantly going to be trying this out, I need to get in the habit of drinking more water! I love the photography in this post. As a new blogger, this is something I struggle with so if you have any photography tips, or just blogging tips in general, I would greatly appreciate it! : )
    xo, Nichelle

    • Thanks so much Nichelle! I’m planning to do an extensive post about photography very soon. In the mean time, if you have any questions, feel free to email me again ;) ;)

  • I love some flavoured water, we have a couple of brita jugs and I like to have one full of plain water and one which has something a bit more exciting in it – loving lemon and limes lately :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Ahh I love adding lemon to my water!

  • This looks so tasty and refreshing! I keep reading about infused water, must give it a try one day because my addiction to fizzy drinks is terrible x

    • Give it a try, you won’t regret it! ;) You can even use sparkling water and add some fruit to it, that way you’d still get the fun fizzy effect, but without all the unnatural sugar ;)

  • ive been seeing recipes like this popping out all over the blogosphere, i’m loving it! it makes drinking water so much easier because it’s so tasty. i’m definitely bookmarking yours too :)

    xo marlen
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    • Thanks so much Marlen <3

  • Oh I never tried this before but it does look really good! I think I have to try it now, haha :) Love the beautiful photos by the way! ;)

    • Thanks so much Melissa, so glad you liked the pictures <3!

  • I would love to have such a healthy drink all day long instead of just plain drinking water even though it is the best miracle medicine right? :)

  • I drink a jar of infused water every morning, it helps with my digestion and also with my water intake throughout the day. I love cucumber infused water, I also add limes to it, it is so refreshing! lovely post Paula :)

  • Mmmm looks very refreshing! Would love this on a picnic on a hot summers day
    Have a great week!

    xx Cissy
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  • Try brewing up a bit of Green tea with tonnes of ice and adding that in!! It tastes divine.. Gorgeous pictures as always.
    Charlotte x

    • Sounds awesome, thanks for the idea!

  • I love it when pictures turn out fantastic and you feel like putting all of them on the blog – but know its not practical! haha!
    I love the idea of Infused Water! I personally haven’t had much good experience with this but have yet to try out mint, it seems like an amazing ingredient to it and need to give it a go! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

    • It’s the best feeling, isn’t it? :) Thanks so much Puja <3.

  • Oh Paula the photography is absolutely AMAZE-ING! Beautiful, what a talent you really have! No wonder you felt chuffed with how the pictures turned out and couldn’t choose which shots to use, looking at these beautiful captures you definitely made the right choice, although saying that I bet the others you didn’t were just as gorgeous ;) I felt cool just looking at the lovely snaps, and reading this post :)

    Infused water is such a great idea, I’ve never tried it but now am desperate to :) To say your mint, cucumber and lime infused water looks gorgeously refreshing and calming is a massive understatement ;) I’m the worst at drinking water, I used to drink lots when I worked in an office but now at home I’ve gotten so lazy with my fluid intake! Must take note from you Paula, it definitely is so important :D Always love how knowledgable and smart you are as always with so many facts, ideas and notes on health and the advantages to eating the right things (ever thought of being a Nutritionist Paula? You’d be wonderful!) I loved reading about your Grandma Paula, what a sweet memory to have and cherish <3 <3

    Sophie xo

    • Can’t thank you enough Sophie for your kind words!

      I really do drink a lot of water, I’m always, always thirsty, I only feel bad about all the plastic bottles I always leave wherever I go. We do recycle at home, but I still can’t help but to feel bad. I’ve tried lots of filtered bottles and mugs, but I didn’t like any of those. So glad you liked this post <3 Haha If I were to do it all over again, I'd definitely study nutrition. I took a few classes and loved it, unfortunately, I was always thought to follow my head, not my heart, so I ended up getting a different degree. By the time I realized that I should probably follow my instincts, it was too late. Oh well, you live and learn! ;)

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    I just nominated you for a Liebster award :-)

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