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  • How to streamline your morning beauty routine

    How to streamline your morning beauty routine
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    Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers
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    “His” Beauty
  • 7 Things to Remember When You Feel Lost

    7 Things to Remember When You Feel Lost

Pink a card

Lately, I’ve been all about soft, pastel,  nail polishes. They are very versatile, go great with any outfit/makeup and should be a stable in any girl’s nail polish collection. My nails are also quite damaged after I got my shellac…

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The perfect lunch

I love making (and eating) salads; they just look so healthy, colorful and “alive”. I always look for different ways to mix up my salads, I never go by any recipe, just sort of throw together whatever produce I have…

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February Favorites

I’m so excited March is here already because that means that Spring is just around the corner! Although I do have to say that it doesn’t feel like it, the weather is frigid right now. Even our dog doesn’t want…

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Maybelline Master Hi-Light Bronzer

During my last trip to Target I wanted to see if there are any new beauty products  that have hit the shelves, but the only thing that piqued my interest was this gorgeous highlighting bronzer from Maybelline. The Face Studio…

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Ruby Woo by MAC

I can’t believe how long it took me to get my hands on this lipstick. I always loved how this one-of-a-kind-shade looked on others, including my beautiful sister, but was hesitant to try it. I decided to give it a…

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