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The following content includes referral links and/or gifted (*) products. Read my disclosure policy for more info. Back in September, I wrote an entire post dedicated to Molton Brown’s Jasmine & Sun Rose fragrance collection. There’s just something about it that keeps me coming back- and, admittedly, I can be a little picky when it comes to fragrance. I love scents that aren’t overly feminine and Jasmine and Sun Rose is a perfect combo of fruity and flowery with a musk base. The interesting…

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Pink + Rose Treats for Your Valentine’s Day

Two things my 15-year-old self never thought I’d grow to love- bright pinks and rose scents. Despite my sweet mom’s attempts at trying to encourage me to be, or at least dress like, a “girly girl” I’ve always had this deep dislike for dresses, all things pink and anything that smelled even remotely close to roses. The latter always reminded me of one of my older, distant relatives who loved using way too much of that strong, powdered perfume that…

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Give Me All The Glow- Winter Skincare + Makeup Glow Getters

Winter Beauty Glow

Ahh, that glow that us beauty and makeup lovers just looove to talk about. It’s a little harder to come by during winter, isn’t it? My skin notoriously hates cold temperatures and dry air and… well, winter altogether. I personally don’t mind it too much, but I gotta say that things often seem much more effortless and simple during warmer parts of the year. You spend more time out in the fresh air, you move more, you reach for fresh…

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Snow Day Essentials

What to do on a snow day

The other day I was at Lush stocking up on some of my favorite bath bombs. A rare occurrence for me, actually entering the mall, one of my least favorite places. The weather was pretty bad and all I dreamed about all day, was taking a long, warm bath. So, I had to do the unthinkable and actually stop by the store on my way home. As I chatted with the girl who was checking me out at the register,…

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7 Ways to Make The Most of Every Day

How to make the most of your day

How do you make the most of every day? You make every day count. The secret to doing that lies in paying attention to the small things you do. It’s very easy to fall into those patterns where your brain just kind of shuts off. That’s usually what happens when you crowd your time with things like mindlessly browsing the internet or sitting in front of the TV. Over the last two years or so I felt almost as if…

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