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5 Affirmations for the New Year


5 Affirmations for the New Year 2018Affirmations for the New Year

Every new year, most of us are hoping for some kind of change.

Even when things are going very well for us, there’s always something we want to improve, some things we want to work on.

While making and setting new goals for yourself is very exciting at first, it usually wears off after a couple of weeks.

That’s when sticking to your goals and intentions becomes a bit more difficult.

An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change.” ~ Louise Hay
Other than writing down my goals, this time of year is when I love setting new affirmations for myself. Something that will guide me throughout the year and help me stay focused.

Affirmations make you aware of your thoughts and when you use them on regular basis, make them a part of your routine, they can help you defeat negative thoughts or moments of doubt.

I love writing mine down on post-it notes and placing them on a mirror, desk, on my journal, in my calendar. Read them, say them, think them; make them a part of your daily routine.




Because you should never think that you don’t deserve good things. When you think that you’re not deserving of things like a great relationship, a loving partner, better health, a career you actually love, trying to achieve those goals might feel like you’re fighting against yourself. As you repeat: “I am ready to receive,” you open yourself to all those good things and experiences.


When things aren’t going as planned, when you experience setbacks, the easiest thing to do is giving up.

Some days will be dark.

Sometimes, it will be other people around you who will try to bring the worst out of you- that’s when you have to choose love and joy. It’s those moments of darkness and doubt that often “make” or “break” us.


Treat this affirmation as a reminder that your life, and the lives of those around you, are precious. After losing my Gran last year, it took weeks for my head to get clear enough to think. One of the first thoughts that crossed my mind was that I never want to feel like this again. I never want to get close to anyone, I never want to lose anyone I care about. I had this short-lived fantasy about living in some distant place, all alone, never having to suffer again.

Then, I started thinking about all the wonderful times and memories from my childhood. I remembered that for every heartbreak we went through during her illness over the years, there were hundreds, thousands of reasons to smile, countless memories. Memories so beautiful, so warm, so magical, you couldn’t paint them or describe them, no matter how hard you try- and those, are wonderful miracles. You can see and live through miracles every single day- you just have to change your definition of what a “miracle” means to you. Miracles happen every single day, you just have to see them. Your life alone is a miracle. You have an endless potential, you have an amazing body that keeps you strong, you have an amazing mind where all your ideas are born. Your life is a miracle. Don’t ever forget that.


If you want to live the life you’ve always wanted, you have to stop making decisions out of place of fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of someone else’s opinion.

Fear of not being good enough.

Fear of starting over.

Fear of being uncomfortable or fear of change.

There are so many beautiful, smart, talented people who wish they lived different lives, but get eaten by fear. They complain about everything around them, but refuse to make changes, because they feel too comfortable, staying where they are. As you repeat “I release all fear” you bring yourself one tiny step closer to making those decisions out of place of love, instead. The more you repeat it, you begin to consciously shift your perspective. Let the love be your guide.


Anger. This is another thing that often holds you, me, back. It’s often difficult to forgive, even ourselves. We carry around anger, without realizing that it can actually stop us from moving forward.

Anger is actually a very useful “tool”; there’s a reason why nature created it. It can act as a motivating force and its expression can sometimes benefit relationships, as long as you’re aiming at finding a solution to a problem. But carrying around anger, blame, resentment, grudges, can all make you feel like you’re being chained. Resentment is like carrying that chain around, hoping for an opportunity to get back at that one person you resent.

My wish for you is that this coming year is good to you, filled with love (including self-love), laughter, new adventures, and health. My wish is that you realize just how amazing, strong you are and just how beautiful your life can be, despite the occasional disappointment, failure, and heartbreak.