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  • Overcoming Digital Distractions

    Overcoming Digital Distractions
  • Foolproof Beauty

    Foolproof Beauty
  • The Beauty of Letting Go: 4 Things That are Holding You Back in …

    The Beauty of Letting Go: 4 Things That are Holding You Back in Life
  • Lovin’ Lately

    Lovin’ Lately

Best of Beauty 2013

I just finished uploading a video to my youtube channel about my favorite products of 2013 and also wanted to do an accompanying post with pictures of all the beauty things that I loved/discovered this past year. Most of them…

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Sebastian Volupt

When I was getting my hair done couple of weeks ago, my stylist used an amazing shampoo that left my hair feeling so soft and gave it so much volume, I knew I had to have it. I’m talking about…

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Mulled wine

While everyone else is sipping on eggnog this Christmas, I will be enjoying a nice warm glass of mulled wine. It smells absolutely amazing with all the spices, oranges and cinnamon and tastes delicious.

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Gluten free gingerbread cookies

Yesterday was my first time making these gluten free gingerbread cookies from a recipe that I got from my friend. They came out a lot better than I anticipated. Here’s what I used:

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Victoria’s Secret Goodies

I’m not sure why, but I can never have enough body creams, lotions and mists, I always want more :). Victoria’s Secret is probably my favorite place to shop for such goodies. They recently had a 7 for $37.00 sale,…

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