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7 Tips for Removing Negativity from Your Life

7 Tips for Removing Negativity from Your Life

7 Tips for Removing Negativity from Your Life

Is removing negativity from your life possible?

Well, it is impossible to remove ALL negativity from your life.

Happiness almost never equals a picture-perfect life where things never go wrong, where you don’t ever get angry, sad or frustrated. Or disappointed.

That’s not what being more “positive” or “happy” is about.

It’s about realizing that “happiness” means different things to all of us.

It is also about the realization that sometimes, removing negativity from your life takes work, a lot of change and sometimes, a little sacrifice here and there.


Tips for Removing Negativity from Your Life


Not surprisingly, a lot of the negativity in our lives comes from the people closest to us: ourselves. A lot of times, the things we say to ourselves, aren’t very positive. What’s even worse, we don’t really see anything wrong with that. It’s become somewhat of a second nature to us.

How often do we pat ourselves on the back for doing something well? For many of us, negative self-talk is such a constant part of our lives that we often don’t even realize just how negative we tend to be toward ourselves and how unnatural being “nice” or rewarding yourself can sometimes feel.  Until you recognize and acknowledge those negative thoughts and their patterns, you might not even be aware they actually exist. They’re often repetitive and pretty much always unproductive.

When you notice and acknowledge those habitual patterns- be mindful of them. Simply observe them. When you think: “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do this, I give up”  recognize that it’s just a thought: “I’m having a thought that I’m not good enough“, “I’m having a thought that I can’t do this, I’m having a thought that I want to give up.

It’s just a thought, not your truth. Realize this, work on it, and you’re one step closer to removing negativity from your life.


One of the easy ways to feel happy, right this moment, is learning how to be still. Listen to your thoughts, feel yourself breathing. You run around all day, working, taking care of others, trying to meet the deadlines, making sure all your chores are done. For a few minutes a day, try being still. Try not to think about what else needs to get done.

When you feel like your life is going by too fast, each day not much different from the other, just take a minute and be still, peaceful. When you start feeling angry or frustrated, stressed, or overwhelmed by any negativity, take a moment to be still, to slow down.


Easier said than done, yes. We actually just talked about it not that long ago in this post. When you take things personally, you’re allowing another person to take control of your own emotions. You cannot depend on other people for your happiness. That is giving up a whole lot of power; you begin to question yourself, your feelings or accomplishments, through someone else. You’re allowing other people to tell you who you are or what you should or shouldn’t do.

Truth is, not everyone has to agree with you or your decisions or even like you. The important thing to remember is to not take those things personally and not give others the power to control your emotions.


Learning to not respond to negativity is one of the most difficult changes you can make. It’s also one of the most important things to learn when it comes to removing negativity from your life. Especially when you’re surrounded with people who are passionate and often outspoken about their views or opinions. I’m sure that you can think of at least one person who has that effect on you and triggers all kinds of negative emotions. Frequently, your first instinct when dealing with a person like that is wanting to defend yourself or your decisions; to argue, to try to make a point. Why would you willingly put yourself in those situations in the first place?

Gossip, complaining, nagging and negative thinking- these are things that we all do from time to time. Rather than focusing on those sources of negative emotions, try to steer the conversation into a more neutral ground, or just simply avoid being around those people.

Bring more love into your daily life by filling your day with things, people, conversations and places you love. Think about what are some things that always put a smile on your face? Remember that YOUR life is what YOU make it.


Avoid burning out by setting up healthy boundaries in your life; both personal and professional. You can’t control the negativity of other people, but you can control how long you’re willing to participate in it. Some people tend to drain every bit of positive energy out of you.

What are some things or habits that no longer serve you? Are you always running late? Do you struggle with others often interrupting you while you’re working or trying to get some rest? Turn off your phone, set those boundaries and make them clear.

Take time to take care of yourself. Your body, as well as your mind and your soul. Sometimes this involves disconnecting from everything and everyone.


We all have all these dreams and goals yet most of us complain about the lack of time to pursue them. Scheduling a daily goal check-in, even if it’s just an hour a day, can help you stay on track with your intentions and plans for the future.

How does this help remove negativity from your life? It’s simple: it keeps you motivated and helps you hold yourself accountable. I’m sure that many of you can relate to the feeling of months, years passing by, yet you notice that you, yourself, haven’t grown or done the things you intended. Hold yourself accountable for your actions. Have daily check-ins and keep yourself disciplined. Don’t wait for things to just “happen” to you- make things happen.


A lot of us have that one person in our lives, who always has a smile on their face. Someone who lifts you high and gets just as excited about your goals, accomplishments, and plans for the future, as you do. These are the kind of people you want to surround yourself with.

What if you don’t have a person like this in your life?

Well, if you don’t think you have such a person in your life, become that person for others. We are naturally attracted to people who give off vibes similar to ours, so the more positive and happy things you pay attention to, the more positive people you will find yourself around. Spread your sparkle.

Happiness means different things to all of us. The “negativity” we so often talk about, can sometimes even go unnoticed for years. There are so many things that used to never bother me years ago (like gossiping among friends, constant complaining, and comparison to other people) that I now cannot stand. I can now literally feel my energy levels change whenever I find myself in a situation that is even slightly negative. We can live our lives, surrounded by negativity and not even realize it. This is why practicing mindfulness and being still are so important. 

You can find magic in your “everyday” life, as long as you know where to look, as long as you keep seeking, stay grateful and practice more mindfulness.