How to Deal with Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck

Feeling stuck is confusing.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve chosen the wrong road. Other times it feels almost as if your life doesn’t really feel like “yours” anymore.

Suddenly, things get a little quiet. You might not know what your next step should be. You don’t know where to start- you might not even know where you’re going.

It happens to pretty much all of us and it’s just a part of life. It’s also a feeling that eventually passes, but it can be uncomfortable.

Very uncomfortable.

It can wear you down, drain your energy and make you feel like you’re ready to give up, it makes you feel discouraged. Those feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, struggle and insecurity aren’t fun.

There are times when you kind of just have to surrender to that feeling of being stuck. The more you fight it, the more you think about it, the worse it can get.

So, yes. Sometimes you just have to surrender to those feelings, remembering that negative feelings or emotions have their purpose, too.

Don’t resist it. I’ve learned that sometimes accepting what is, is all that it takes to feel better and move on.

Once you are ready to move on, however, there are few things that can help you move forward and shine bright, once again.




Setting new goals for yourself can be really exciting. It’s an easy way to find that spark and inspiration again.

Thinking about new goals though isn’t enough, though. Write them down and give yourself a deadline. Setting up a deadline will help you prioritize, it will give you a push and force you to think about the steps you need to take to accomplish the goals you set yourself. Schedule in weekly check-ins and hold yourself accountable.


Clean-out your wardrobe, your kitchen, your desk, your digital mess. Delete all of those unwanted emails, get rid of all those phone apps you don’t use. Is your purse or wallet full of old receipts or coupons? Throw all of those away. It can be very refreshing and you’ll be doing something productive which will immediately make you feel better.


Feeling stuck is sometimes a sign that it’s time to make a change. Do something different, try something new. Change your hair color, take a class, learn a new a skill. Trying something new and exciting, something completely different from your regular routine can help you find that spark again. Get silly, even. Jump on your bed.

When you feel stuck you can find it very difficult to find that excitement, especially when you’re a creature of habit and most of your days look the same. Do something new, something different from what your days usually look like.


You feel stuck, and all you can think about are all the things you don’t have, things you have yet to accomplish. You feel like your life isn’t moving forward, like you’re not making any progress. You have to shift your focus, and start thinking about all the things that are wonderful about you, about your life. Write them down. Look for the things you’ve already accomplished and write those down, too.

While feeling stuck, you might feel discouraged and find it difficult to focus on the good things, but the more you look for them, the more wonderful things about your life you’ll notice. Make a list of things you love. What are you grateful for? What are some struggles you’ve overcome?


Give yourself a break. Turn off your phone, put on some music. Read a book or your favorite magazine. Cook your favorite meal and focus on all of your senses. Go for a walk, smell the fresh air, feel that light breeze on your skin, look at the way the leaves on the trees dance in the wind. Do your best to slow down and be present.

What do you see at this particular moment?

What do you hear?

What do you smell?

When you focus on the present, you’re not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. You’re not stressing or resisting. Focus on this present moment.


Pay extra attention to your habits, whenever you find yourself feeling stuck. Stay hydrated and treat your body well. When you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, you often get that feeling when you think to yourself “I’m just ready to give up“.

All you want to do is this feeling to go away, and the more you fight it and focus on it, the worse you’ll end up feeling.

You then might feel like you just don’t care- all you want to do is go to sleep or plop on the couch and eat junk food. Then, you end up feeling heavy and sluggish. Staying hydrated and eating mindfully are both little acts of kindness towards yourself and your health and wellness that you should practice all the time.


Feeling stuck is just that- a feeling. If you recognize it as such and acknowledge that it’s not here to stay, your mindset will gently begin to shift.  Learn to be mindful. Go off the “auto-pilot” and practice mindfulness during routine activities. Focus on the sound, sight, smell, taste, and feel of all those activities, be aware of your breathing. Send some love and kindness your way.

Doing any of these things can help you feel inspired and free. When you feel stuck, it’s easy to let those feelings and that negative energy take over. Mix it up a little, do something that makes you feel good, try something new and exciting. Shake things up. Take time to realize that you already have everything you need to feel good now. Even when it doesn’t always feel that way. At the same time, remember that it’s okay to not always know what might come next. It’s okay to feel lost and weak sometimes. You don’t always have to know what the next step will be.

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  • What a brilliant post. I really enjoyed reading this. The ‘Disconnect’ part definitely works for me!

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx |

  • I’ve started spending a lot less time away from my phone and its made me realise just how silly I am constantly checking apps and worrying about other peoples lives rather than my own! It’s really helped me start thinking more about what I value and how I spend my time!
    Cloe X

  • I can definitely relate to this. It is such an uncomfortable feeling and leaves you thinking what am I supposed to be doing? Have I made the wrong decisions. I love your tips and think these will really help shake the feeling off.

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    • It really does feel uncomfortable, but I think that we all go through this to some extent, at times. Thank you so much, Hayley!

  • Natalie Redman

    Major clean outs are always good for the soul!

  • Hind Chergui

    Great Post … Just exactly what I feel and what I needed to read… Thought that I’m not normal and the only one in this while it seems something that others can experience too… It is indeed a very uncomfortable feeling and drain you deep down. I find the “Be mindful” part so difficult for me as I feel I can never stop my mind thinking which only makes things worst by overthinking… Love your posts. Keep it up!!!

    • Oh you’re definitely not the only one who goes through this, Love! Practicing mindfulness isn’t easy at first, but the more you incorporate it to your daily routine, the more natural it begins to feel! :) Thank you!!

  • In moments like these I feel it is important to try to focus on now instead of future as as-should-be. Nothing worse than just sitting and waiting for the world to change finally!

  • The Sunday Mode

    This was a beautiful post and it came at a great time for me because I often get those waves where I feel like my life isn’t really mine anymore, like I’m not quite sure how I’ve ended up where I am. They are just waves, so they pass but it’s not exactly a pleasant feeling to have. I felt really stuck about a month ago so I made a lot of changes, enrolled in some classes, made new goals and basically did a lot of what you said in this post! It’s made a huge difference :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • I can relate, Julia! It definitely is a feeling that is very uncomfortable and a little strange at times, and just like you said, it does come and go in waves. So happy to hear that you’re making some changes- it’s so nice to shake things up a little once in a while :)

  • Disconnecting does a lot of good.

  • Debbie Santiago-Keough

    So funny, I was just saying to myself this morning “there has to be something more than working, eating and sleeping”! I have to break it up, try new things or maybe just be content with the idea that days like this will happen. At least I have food, a job and a warm bed.

  • Trine Westh

    Thank you very much – this was very inspiring to read

  • Lisa Autumn

    Breaking up the monotony is so important :) Another lovely post Paula

    xx Lisa |

  • I think it happens to all of us from time to time. Taking a moment to reflect an refocus has always helped me tremendously.

    Anne – Linda, Libra, Loca

  • Devynne Hadley

    This post is exactly what I needed right now! Ever since school started I’ve been noticing a lack in my creativity and a pause in my goals. I am in desperate need of a change and this post motivated me to start switching some things up in my life <3 much love.

  • Lovely post Paula, I find that long walks in the park, nature doing wonders as well. Sometimes when I feel active in my body rather that in my mind- short high dynamic runs with music help as well. x